People in enemy gangs think we are just another group of people with guns that want to kill random people in other gangs, they think they can just step on us and take us over. No. We are not who they think we are. We are strong, and if we die we died doing what we loved, bringing justice to the world one murder at a time.
— Don Charles Moretti
The Moretti Syndicate

Founded By:

Charles "Charlie" Moretti

Founding Location

Chicago, Illinois

Years Active



Various Neighborhoods in Chicago and Sicily


300 to 400


Many Ethnicities, mainly Italian, American or both.

Criminal Actions

Drug trafficking, contract killing, police corruption, weapon trafficking, arms trafficking, arms dealing, extortion, drug dealing, drug smuggling, bribery, money laundering,

The Moretti Syndicate is an Italian and American Mafia founded by Charles Moretti in 1956 on Chicago, Illinois. The Moretti Syndicate was known for various killings and their police corruption in Chicago. The Moretti Syndicate was also known for being one of the most powerful gangs in Chicago and one it's crews being in Sicily known as "The Barino Crew" that makes sure that no one in Sicily insults the Don or any rival gang try to form there. Their biggest rival is The Fazzino Crime Family. The Moretti Syndicate was also known for their secret killings, usually killing an enemy of the Don or an enemy mobster while the citizens are doing a special event when they are doing a killing or the person they are killing doesn't have many people near them to avoid witnesses to the murders so they wouldn't lose too many of their hitmen to jail. They sometimes kill enemies while some people are watching but the members make sure they are anonymous when they are killing the enemies to make sure the witnesses don't know what they look like.

History Edit

The Moretti Syndicate was made by Italian-America Charles "Charlie" Moretti somewhere in the year 1956 because Charles thought the government was corrupt by crazy people who would treat normal people like garbage and start slavery on the innocent folks of Chicago. People started to join the Syndicate due to Charlie's power and capability, the gang started with pick pocketing and mugging then soon went up to, it was later capable of police corruption and assassinations, the assassination were normally to enemies of Charlie, rival gangster or gangsters that killed their gangsters, pretty much business killings. The Moretti Syndicate encountered a new rival mafia.