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The Organized Crime Fiction Wiki is a role-playing environment dedicated to harboring fictional, yet vicious organized crime syndicates. Wars can be waged and alliances formed all in the name of gaining wealth and power.

The Doyle Crime Family founded in the late fifties, a young Patrick Doyle always wanted to be an Italian gangster, but being Irish he never could, which is why the Doyle Crime Family was created. Born in a power vacuum which they filled it with a small family with few good men and and they were spread thin. Soon, four other gangs came into the picture and took almost everything that the Doyle's had. After years of scraping the off of the bottom making only about 300 million dollars a year after operating costs, after almost 60 years of building slowly and getting better men they became the one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Canada. The authorities once called them The Irishmen, but they soon found out that thing was certain they were way more organized then any gang, they were a crime family, and this worried the Law enforcement more then ever.

Rise To Power

The family, born in Ottawa spent years doing small time work, but that all changed when their current boss joined the family as he lead several, sometimes lethal campaigns to take over the rival gangs business, other assets and crime rings. Patrick and his Street Boss, Damian planed the death of each of the gang leaders. They chose a day, and had them followed and killed when they were most vulnerable: Ricardo Montana: executed by by Richard and Denis Harper: they two bullets in his head. Ben Vogel: executed by by Michael Kreane: Stabed him him in the The Blu-Jayz Mc Clubhouse while he was high. Philip Rizzo: executed by by John Coonan: 8 shotgun shells clipped him good. Johnny Malone: executed by Damian killed himself one shot in the leg, one in the shoulder and one in the stomach and watched him die

After Damian's Rise

After the mass slaughter, the family maid significant gains in respect in the Canadian underworld. Most of Malone's And Montana's gangs merged with the Doyle's out of fear of further massacres While the Rizzo Family was Destroyed entreley And the Blu-Jayz Became allies to the family, Sadly the gang lost significant assets, their best assassins: The Twins and John Coonan were arrested in connection to this slaughter. After the slaughter the family started investing in Las Vegas casinos, and Spread like a cancer to Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario to start rackets after all the police in Northern Ontario were less prepared for Organized crime. The family bought a large amount of land and had a lavish estate built on the property as well as several smaller houses to house the family's highest ranking men and there families.

Damian also opened an Irish themed restaurant chain in the memory of Patrick, witch is now an international Chain and profitable it its own right, with franchises all over Ontario and the State New York

The Consortium

Since Damian's rise, the Family has formulated good ties to the Montreal Based Rizzuto Family, West End Gang and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. The Four organizations make up the "Consortium" similar to New York City's "Commission" together the Four groups leaders fix the price of drugs and other goods for the wholesale and retail markets. The majority of the drugs smuggled through Canada are ultimately retailed in the United States, with a small remainder being distributed across Canada. Since the Doyle's are not founding members of the "Consortium" They have no veto Rights in meetings. The Doyle's are on generally good terms terms the Italian and Irish Mobs with other powerful criminal organizations across North Amirica and Eroupe.
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