Time is money.
— Ivan's view on business.
Ivan Pajari
Ivan Pajari, The Obshchak




December 12, 1968


Zolnerowich Bratva




Orthodox Jewish


Active, Alive

Ivan Pajari is the Bravta's Obshchak, it's treasurer and chief bookmarker.


Ivan talk's very little about his past, and many people take this mean his past is filled with trauma. This however is not the case, he simply doesn't talk much. His childhood was however not extremely pleasant. His family was very poor and as such had to scrimp and save money on everything. He also grew up in a violent part of Moscow, where he learned to fight for what was his, and in the process became a very talented street fighter.

He, like Oleg meet Nikolai was there when the original gang was formed. In this case his life-time of having to be money wise came to be a valuable asset for the bravta, becoming the brains behind the gangs money spending and investments.

In 2013 Ivan was placed in charge of an oil field obtained by the bravta. While he has long sense been in charge of the organizations financial resources, this move marks the first time he has been given a real chance at directly managing one of organizations money making ventures. Despite his less than perfect skills in dealing with people, Nikolai and Oleg both believed that his money and business skills would allow him to make the new venture a profitable business. They were proven correct, as of 2014 the field is operating smoothly and preforming better than expected.

Personality and TraitsEdit

The few people who can call Ivan a friends describe him as "Good with numbers, Bad with people." Ivan is exceptionally talented when it comes to managing the gangs money, and is always consulted when any financial decision is made. However Ivan has an extremely poor time interacting with people and often doesn't react properly to situations. Like Nikolai he is well known for his temper, however unlike Nikolai he doesn't appear to be able to control it when necessary and it often leads to poor decisions, so Ivan is usually the last choice when diplomacy is needed. An example of his temper leading to and extremely poor decision was when he suspected his girlfriend of cheating on him, when he confronted her and she failed to properly explain herself, at least in his eyes, he shot her in the face with a flair gun, she was received severe burns to the left side of her face as a result, but lived. Only the fact Oleg payed the girlfriend to drop the charges and police to ignore the incident keep him out of serious trouble.

His temper has resulted in him becoming something of a recluse and generally only the bravtas top leadership knows how to handle him and his temper.

He does however have a true friend in Oleg, who often looks out for Ivan and see's him as something of a younger brother.