These are the guidelines for creating your criminal organization. Before creating your organization please read the Organization Rules.


Step 1: Choose what kind of organization you want yours to be. It may be the following:

Italian Mafia

Irish Mob

Russian Mafia

Serbian Mafia

Albanian Mafia

Bosnian Mafia

Israeli Mafia

British Crime Families

Jewish Crime Families

European Crime Families

Japanese Yakuza

Chinese Triad

White Street Gang

Black Street Gangs

Hispanic Street Gang

Asian Street Gang

Multi-Ethnic-Street Gang

European Theft Rings

European Human Traffickers

Asian Human Traffickers

Mexican Drug Cartel

Colombian Drug Cartel

Multi-Ethnic Drug Cartel

Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

Alternatively you can create what we call an "Unique organisation" which do not fit in any these categories, Unique organisations, allow you more freedom, but also more work as you must create everything for it.

Step 2: Once you have chosen what kind of criminal organization yours will be, you will make a page for it. The page must consist of a background that is at least two paragraphs long. However it is recommended that it is at least four paragraphs long. The background will explain who founded it, and what they did from the day they were founded, to today. Basically a summery O and high light of their history from beginning to today. Try to keep your paragraphs small, and efficient to make it easier to read.

Step 3: It should have a infobox that states where it's located, who founded it, it's territory, it's Ethnicity, It's membership, what criminal activities it's engaged in, it's allies, it's rivals, and either how much money it currently has, or the average amount it makes per year. If you would like to add something else to it's infobox feel free to.

Step 4: Optionally, you can add more then just a background and infobox, anything else you'd like. What weapons they use, it's operations, what they wear, it's leadership, etc.

Step 4: Feel free to make pages for members of your gang. You can make a page for any member of your gang, even someone who the gang hires, or former members, William T. Johnson, Mauricio Orizaga, Nikolai Zolnerowich, Dominic Vario. This is not only recommended it is encouraged.

Step 5: Once your organization has been made, you may begin role playing. You can hire other gangs to do stuff, go to war with other organizations, make other organizations that you guide and go to war with them, sell weapons to other organizations, sell drugs to other organizations, give one organization a cut of your profits to operate in their territory, go underground due to increasing police investigations, and much much more.